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Hull Structures

Tooltech has substantial experience in this area. We undertake hull design, 3D modelling, creation of production drawings and nesting.

• Hull design:-

Creation of detailed models based on basic drawings. These facilitate block wise production and erection. The work includes hull modeling, production drawings, nesting, material reservation, plate & profile lists, weight & COG and bending & jigs sketches.





• Hull 3D model: -
Hull 3D model
Creation of 3D model with all information such as bevels, shrinkage, assembly, and identification of position numbers etc. It comprises of planar and curved hull structures of side shell, decks, bulkheads, masts, funnels, superstructures, tanks etc. by positioning the plates, stiffeners, penetrations / deck pieces, platforms, brackets etc.



• Hull production drawings:-

Creation of all sectional views such as side shell, deck,  bulkheads etc. which indicates position numbers of plates and profiles, bevels, block limits, prefabrication codes, weight and centre of gravity etc.


• Nesting of plates:-

Creation of burning tapes, nesting production charts, NC-generic files, post-processor files and bending data.





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