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Marine Interiors

Tooltech's work in this area includes the creation of basic interior drawings, material specification for different areas of the vessel and drawing out list of materials. Details include production drawings.

• Ceiling installation drawings: -
This includes ceiling panel installation (basic support, carrier profile, ceiling panel etc), electrical equipment installation (down lights, cameras, neon lights, smoke detectors, LCD etc), prefabricated ceiling modules (wooden, plaster etc), sprinklers installation etc.

• Wall panel installation: -
Production of wall panel installation drawings which include wall support installation, wall panel installation, artwork on walls etc.

• Floor installation: -
Consists of fitment of tiles, carpets etc.

• Furniture installation: -
Comprises of wooden furniture like welcome desks, cupboards, bamboo planters prefabricated artworks etc.

• Steel outfitting for ceiling & wall panel installation: -
Formation of skeletal structures of angles and square tubes for holding carrier profiles, basic supports in ceiling panel installation and for holding wall panel support frames in wall panel installation.





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